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Historic Finger Lakes Region
In Indian tradition, the crystal-clear Finger Lakes of central New York owe their name and beauty to the imprint of the Great Spirit, who blessed the land by laying his hands upon it.
Later, this relatively small area of the state proved to be an extraordinary human laboratory for nearly every kind of social and religious movement. The area nurtured nonconformists of every ilk including Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a moving spirit of the 1848 Seneca Falls Women's Rights Convention; Amelia Bloomer, popularizer of pantaloons and editor of the first American newspaper for women; Harriet Tubman, the heroic slave rescuer; and the Mormon founding father, Joseph Smith.
Today, the area's varied and endlessly seductive landscapes recall Burgundy, Italy's lake country and the surroundings of Lake Geneva in Switzerland. Farms and orchards sprawl over vibrant green hills, lush vineyards are planted down to the water's edge (the wine industry here dates from 1860), and the lakes are so pristine that some serve as sources of unfiltered drinking water.
There's simply too much to describe in this land within itself. It's an area large enough to house large cities and some of the world's best universities yet small enough that Main Street America is found in village after village. Produce stands line country roadsides where they accept payment in honor boxes and people leave their doors unlocked.
With so much to offer, "themed" tours are easy to assemble. From historical trails, like the Women's Rights Heritage Trail and various stops of the Underground Railroad and the Erie Canal, history is easy to rediscover and experience.
Three of the nearby lakes have wine trails, and the Seneca Lake wine trail alone attracts over one million visitors each year. Each winery is unique, ranging from a funky barn with a gift shop reminiscent of the 60's hippie days to imposing chateaux that you would only imagine seeing in Europe. Most offer magnificent views of the lakes.
Given the geography of the region, scenic tours are second to none. Dominated by a mix of hardwoods, our fall foliage is incredible. Summers and springs generally offer moderate temps, and winter scenes become works of art by photographers and other artists.
And, there is more than one "antique trail" to explore.
A Place of Scenic Beauty
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